Q – How long does a typical shoot take?

A – Depends solely on the type of shoot and whether it requires traveling or not. A shoot can range from as quick as an hour to a week.


Q – How soon after completing a shoot do I get my images?

A – Depends on the size of the job, some vary between two days to two weeks. Alternatively if the client requires the images within a very short period after the last photo has been taken, an additional price is added.


Q – Is editing included?

A – Yes! Editing is included unless the client has expressly requested to have the RAW files.


Q – Do you enjoy what you do or see it as just a job?

A – I thoroughly enjoy what I do, Photography & Videography has always been a passion of mine. Never thought of it as a chore.


Q – What has been your favorite car shoot and why?

A – Would definitely be the ‘Car Of The Year Award’ as there is such a variety of different cars that I photograph and drive.


Q – How do you go about choosing the location for a shoot whether it be for an automotive or other styled shoot?

A – For an automotive shoot it really depends on the car, whether its a classic, sports or fun car as the backdrop would change for each. For other styled shoots the location would depend on the shoot itself. For example, if the shoot requires studio time it will be in a studio environment or if it requires a nature feel to it then would be in the forest etc.


Q – You have photographed a few really expensive and exotic cars, do you often get to drive them?

A – Depends on how tight the client is but most of the cars are usually handed to me to do as I please in shooting them so yes, often I get to drive the cars and experience them from the drivers seat rather than behind the camera.


Q – Canon or Nikon guy?

A – Canon all the way!


Q – Do you offer Drone photography/videography?

A – Yes, I am partnered up with and do packages for all variations of shoots.


Q – For larger jobs do you require hiring out equipment or do you own all necessary equipment for the job?

A – I do own all necessary equipment, also depends on the clients requests and how large the job is.